Holtz thinks it would be better if the state commissioned an independent study to look at alternatives..and not leave “the fox watching the henhouse. The pipeliner ,surely, shouldn’t be able to decide alone..without  independent technical analysis.. and finally public debate.Yes the existing 63 years old pipeline held up ,so far…

And about that OTHER Enbridge pipeline failure…The    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB),Chairman Debbie Hersman  likened the ,,,, management of the July 2010 failure of the Enbridge  40 year old (not 63 year old)pipeline, Kalamazoo,Michigan disaster to the “Keystone Cops”….and concluded that   Enbridge’“Deficient integrity management procedures…. allowed well-documented crack defects in corroded areas to propagate until the pipeline failed….etc..”  The Enbridge site tells us that the Board provides  stewardship for   the Corporation…One must ask…who was stewarding  July 2010…and what specifically has changed at Enbridge..was there a corporate-wide mea culpa by the Board … that directed all of Enbridge to maximize system integrity/ safety efforts ..corporation wide ? Which organizational unit is responsible to bring system integrity matters (system areas of concern),directly to the Board….on a need to know basis…for the Board’s stewardship !? Just asking !

Good luck Michigan back the Canada/Enbridge ‘differences’…

Carl Shalansky,P. Eng.(retired)








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