The  BC ‘issues’ are ..…marine spills of dilbit….. Burnaby storage ’tank farm’  location…. the 63 year old pipeline.

The ‘oil sands’ industry yielded $ billions for the Canadian economy (jobs, taxes). Sadly, that industry has not been able to demonstrate effective  , cleanup and recovery procedure of  that inevitable ,real life situation, dilbit spill .. The industry’s  goal must be to ‘more safely’  manage  dilbit infrastructure(pipelines,etc.) and  dilbit tanker routing …

The fact is…that pipelines and tankers are still the best choice for transport of petroleum products .

The Prime Minister’s  promises to listen and use  science …offers a common sense plan.

The PM ,as the ultimate ‘decider’, could instruct the NEB ,In the public interest, to contract  ,NOW, for an expert, independent RISK assessment that identifies  a  pipeline location, showing   the least probability of a dilbit  ‘land’ or a ‘marine’ spill . Without an independent, expert risk assessment ,in hand, the NEB is in no position to offer a scientifically based recommendation to government .

I believe that such a  study would confirm that a ‘single’ pipeline ,terminating at an  open ocean terminal…somewhere near Prince Rupert…would provide us with  a practicable solution to our pipelines dilemma.. ……



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