Attachment shows how a citizen responded to a bunker spill on Ambleside Beach(West Vancouver)…Sep 26,1973…in case you’ve forgotten…People in Victoria can visit the NEB ‘listening’ panel Tuesday…take this along and ask Kinder Morgan …….how  THEY will to clean up that inevitable dilbit spill…along Victoria and Gulf Islands beaches…the folks in Puget Sound likely are not happy with this TMX crazy plan…At least the Washington people(George Washington University) had  an extensive risk assessment produced (2010/2014, EPA funded) that attempted to show the probability of an oil leak  In the Salish Sea…What has our  Provincial and Federal Government have done ? Ask them !….

For those interested….here’s the risk assessment link..


Of course…it’s easier to whistle  past  the graveyard, !!…    So much for our Prime Minister’s promise to use science when deciding….or will he ,this time, live up to his latest quip…that ‘governments grant permits…and communities grant permission..”.. before it’s too late….


The message I heard when attending the North Shore listening panel meeting ,Aug19,2016…’offered little “community  permission”…??

Looks to me like he’s given the public a chance to chat in these panel gatherings…and therefore will claim that I have lived up to the promise to let the public have their say…but now watch for the decision to agree to KM’s nutty plan…come December.

Hope I’m wrong…!

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