Recently out Prime Minister  told Canadians that ‘communities grant permission’ . I’d guess that no southern BC communities would ‘grant permission’ for Kinder Morgan  pipeline twinning plan, as proposed !..  Most  BC southern communities are waiting to cast ballots in the upcoming BC Provincial election…for the Party that listens…This gives Premier Christy Clark an opportunity to ,quickly, FIND  a  ‘more acceptable’  way to get Alberta bitumen to market……

With a combined effort including B.C. ,Alberta , and the Prime Ministers’  offer to ‘mediate BC pipeline issues’ ,they  should be able to negotiate/mediate  a suitable export plan that meets Alberta’s Pacific export needs ,and gains those vital export revenues for all Canadians..…. The 5 BC concerns become somewhat easier to negotiate once we remove the threat of dilbit leaks in island bound Douglas Channel and nearby Great Bear Rainforest area, Burrard Inlet, the Salish Sea waters and beaches, etc…….and agree to that marine terminal that offers more open access to the Pacific.. we should have a deal ?


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