Recall  Justin Trudeau’ pre-election comments  to  ‘listen’ and ‘use science’ . Recently ,Prime Minister Trudeau   told  the newly appointed Minister of Science(Ms. Duncan) http://pm.gc.ca/eng/minister-science-mandate-letter  “If we are to tackle the real challenges ….I expect that our work will be informed by ….. evidence, and feedback from Canadians .…we … support  the integration of scientific considerations in our investment and policy choices,…… in the public interest.”.

Now, having listened to BC… let your scientists, show us a scientifically located ,least-risk, dilbit tanker  route to the OPEN Pacific …that does  NOT pass through  our environmentally sensitive, multibillion dollar tourist industry busy waters ….that is ,NOT through island-bound Douglas Channel, nearby Great Bear Rainforest area, Burrard Inlet…or the Salish Sea !

Let your scientists fly the BC coast and witness the challenge…I’d bet that (after rigorous risk assessment, they would select a LEAST RISK terminal location near Port Simpson…for a the  pipeline tanker terminal that provides relatively  open access to the Pacific.

Yes, assume just one pipeline system…and not be concerned about  the increased probability of a tanker dilbit spill in our busy marine waters  !!


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

(604) 986-4657




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