Mr. Hume tells us why we’re not building this vital revenue generating export pipeline infrastructure…

Justin Trudeau  claimed that he’d listen and use science when deciding…

Prime Minister Trudeau  had  DECIDED that the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning proposal is ‘preferred’…that oil tanker shipping shall be ‘banned’ on the BC north coast…etc. Once ‘the boss DECIDES stuff –who is likely to challenge that issue. I’d guess that our much revered scientists ,if asked, could advise  WHERE BEST  to locate tanker shipping routes…likely ,NOT IN DOUGLAS CHANNEL or the SALISH SEA !! No doubt ,their expert risk assessment would  identify the ‘least risk’ route that  would point to an area near Port Simpson…where we could terminate one pipeline system and ship whatever amount of dilbit that Alberta has to offer…now !

PM Harper ,likely , having sensed the magnitude of the BC concern about dilbit laden tankers in our coastal waters,  , promised to carry out a risk assessment of the BC coast. Maybe you should finish that study Mr. PM?


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