BC pipelines land  and shipping routes were decided with little consultation with BC communities..

Yes there was   a ‘Harper-rigged’ ,pipe-liner friendly, NEB  hearing process .…The new Prime Minister  has already made up his mind…on several issues…without applying any of the promised science…and we dither on..

OK what to do…?  Arrange for the ‘bosses’ , Ian Anderson and Al Monaco ,to meet in the Calgary Petroleum club…A quick call from the Prime Minister could kick this off…consider this a first step in providing his offered ‘pipelines mediation’ service …to discuss  a new PLAN.

Build ONE smart pipeline from Alberta to an open-ocean shipping terminal near Port Simpson and let Alberta ship whatever amount of dilbit it can supply…but not through the busy southern (Gulf Islands) marine passes…or island bound Douglas Channel

Yes, we love our trees and kiss our salmon…we want  everyone to enjoy them…even the countless Albertans that own and enjoy much of our ‘still’ oil free beaches…and  the salmon fishing waters…

Love you all…please come, AGAIN …!


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