Thanks  Mike …There is a  Plan ‘B’ that makes even more sense and is less likely to agitate the willing to act, vote savvy environmentalists.. ……Yes, a publically acceptable plan that would bring Alberta oil to the west coast… …Find a ‘pipe-liner’ that will build a smarter , common sense ,combined  pipeline, system from Alberta to somewhere near  Port Simpson which  offers  OPEN OCEAN access to world markets ….This Plan B offers  no increased dilbit tankers(or that inevitable tanker spill if we stick with the riskier proposed marine routes) in  our busy, multibillion dollar revenue generating  ,environmentally related businesses……in Douglas Channel—or the  nearby Great Bear Rain Forest, Burrard Inlet, the tricky passes through the  Salish Sea gulf island and Vancouver Island and southern BC waters/beaches……

This ‘less risky’ option is still available…but our leaders must LEAD, tout suite !



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