Canada is searching  for a permanent Chief Science Officer ‘to make sure science finds its rightful place at the federal table.’…It’s not too late to let this Science Officer  determine where the ‘least risky’ tanker shipping routes exist along our entire BC coast  !

An oil tanker shipping ban  becomes moot when one considers the MANY,SOME  very large barge rigs, must FREQUENTLY travel in some of our most remote, with sometimes challenging sea conditions, as the only supply vehicles that can reach these outlying areas… …Bella Bella is the most recent reason to dwell on these real, known,  issues…

There still is time to build a BC based dilbit export terminal…NOT  in  BC southern busy waters …or the Douglas Channel…while allowing Alberta to ship whatever amount of dilbit  they wish to offer ,through ONE PIPELINE ,to a loading at a terminal …located  near   open Pacific waters…somewhere near Port Simpson… thus eliminating dilbit laden tankers from our multibillion dollar ,visitor generated businesses , largely in southern BC waters .


Let KM and Enbridge Northern Gateway dilbit export plans merge… a compromise solution… …for the relative benefit of all parties !

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