Those who win the right to lead …must eventually  lead  .The easily made campaign ‘promises’ might become very awkward to fulfil…such as the ‘inherited’  complex pipeline issue.


I don’t recall seeing KM’ independent science that supported their  design.. An opportunity exists to ‘improve’ on that  KM , publically unacceptable decision…Let PM instruct the new Chief Science Officer  help Cabinet to ‘refine’ the dilbit export plan by determining (scientifically)where the ‘least risk’ marine routes exist…and I’m guessing this  plan would exclude the Salish Sea, Burrard Inlet, Douglas Channel and nearby Great Bear Rain Forest region ….and would include ONE pipeline from Alberta and a  loading terminal at or near Port Simpson …where Alberta could provide greater volumes of dilbit for export…

I see ,on line ,that John Horgan ,NDP Leader, is ‘against’ the KM proposal…and has shown some interest in science based plans….a winning combination ! Meanwhile our Premier ‘sits on the fence’ waiting for Kinder Morgan to offer her a cut of their profit….wait on Premier ,wait on !


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