…Build  ONE ‘combined’ Enbridge /Kinder Morgan  dilbit pipeline from Alberta to a shipping terminal near Port Simpson ,BC. This   would send tankers into wide open Pacific waters …NOT through the busy BURRARD INLET,THE SALISH SEA,  DOUGLAS CHANNEL and the Great Bear Rainforest region…waters .. More importantly ,also, this pipeline plan would not adversely affect our environmentally-related ,mulita-billion dollar, established, business and tax generating enterprises…


Also  a smart politician could benefit POLITICALLY , from this ‘one larger pipeline’ plan…Certainly Premier Notley and Premier Clark would benefit …. Even   Prime Minister Trudeau could benefit , as the BC public might finally see a pipeline  decision , for which local communities might ‘grant permission’  !

Surely ONE pipeline would cost much less than TWO pipelines…all we require is for the 2 wannabe pipeliners to work together…if they don’t like that arrangement…then call proposals from some smarter pipe-liner  that’s more interested in gaining  BC community permission…!

Reduced  pipeline capital and operating costs should also appeal  ??

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