In  a Franklin Delano Roosevelt biography,…the  President was asked…”have you ever accepted a bribe”   ….his response was…”no, I have not…. BUT… I  never had a real good offer…”

Media chatter tells us that Premier Christy Clark has now gained a  billion dollar dilbit ,cross province, export , transit  ‘grant’ (from Kinder Morgan (KM), over 20 years…for BC communities …to protect BC coast and environment..

This unique ,’province crossing’ tariff is contrary to national trading tradition…but the billion dollar ‘figure’ ,hopefully, will  look great in BC Liberal election pamphlets… !

When will Alberta demand a tariff  for BC lumber, farmed salmon, imported autos . etc. , as these commodities  cross Alberta  heading east . Surely Quebec and Ontario will  see an opportunity to apply a tariff on Alberta oil as it transits (by pipeline) to Eastern Canada…Limitless ‘opportunities’ to be explored !

Did our Feds take  their eye off the ball…to gain ‘community permission’ for this ill-conceived  KM pipeline …!

It is  not uncommon for a pipe-liner to ‘cough up’ with shiny new fire truck…in a community …to deal with ‘local issues’… ….and is not seen as a potential Nation breaker….

I wonder if our now ‘unshackled’ Senate might order the Federal government to ‘undo, this cozy ,potentially fractious , BC , ‘province crossing’  tariff …?


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