Had the Enbridge Board listened to their new Enbridge President and C.E.O.,AL Monaco ,who hinted to the media, that the Enbridge Natural Gas Pipeline(NGP) , ‘possibly’ could be moved out of Douglas Channel,….. NGP might have been built by now !!

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan leaders likely relied on PM Harper’s ‘signal’ that he could whisk these vital pipeline projects through Parliament…?
Now a jinx appeared… a new Prime Minister,(who promised to use science …but soon forgot) … suddenly made a ‘knee jerk’ decision to ban oil tanker traffic from the BC north Coast… and then with similar’ knee jerk’ precision, APPROVED the ill-conceived Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline…!

Mr. Monaco’s recent comment to oil biggies , that it’s …‘about actually LISTENING…and RESPONDNING ‘… should give us some hope…
Our Senate has just released THEIR ‘critical’ pipelines report…where they made recommendations on how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process !
Imagine this scenario ,where our much impugned Senate rejects government’s hastily decided, unscientifically proven, pipeline decisions… …and instructs Government to find the ‘least- risk’ marine ROUTE AND avoid needless tanker travel through busy, or island bound waters…
Build ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM, to an open water location near Port Simpson …and celebrate a science based decision…that would REMOVE the 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in the busy, island bound waters…and gain those much needed export revenues !

Carl Shalansky,P Eng ,retired
North Vancouver,
604 986 4657


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