Canada’s national and Provincial leaders have called for a ‘world class’ diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill containment and recovery system…Until such a ‘contraption’ is shown to work satisfactorily in REAL OCEAN CONDITIONS we should avoid allowing these behemoth bitumen carriers in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters , potentially affecting our multi-billion dollar commercial/environmentally related ‘industries’ —certainly not in our shared island-bound SALISH SEA.
Why not combine Enbridge(Canada’s other wannabe pipeline proponent) and Kinder Morgan,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) pipelines ,from Alberta, to a port location near Port Simpson, on the BC north coast…a location that minimizes the probability of spills …few islands…and little marine traffic. Such a decision should be supported by expert, INDEPENDENT, risk specialists –Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that ‘science’ will help them to decide..! Instead our PM has, decided that he PREFERS the TMEP …without showing any supporting science’…
Typically, risk analysis studies should/would been prepared before any in major investment decisions, such as management of major maritime transportation infrastructure !
Two studies are discussed…
1. Our BC government did have a consultant study marine traffic on our coast.. see
1.1 Purpose……the BC government has a strong interest in understanding the risks associated…
with increased shipping… “..THEN we see the NOTE 1 ……”This is NOT a risk assessment…!!
…what the ??

2.FINAL REPORT: VTRA ( Vessel Traffic RISK Assessment) funded by U.S. EPA.
The VTRA study area includes BC marine traffic in shared Salish Sea waters..:

Why did our pipeline review Energy Board review not include this available risk study material..
Our leaders must demand that the ‘best science’ be applied when making these vital decisions…or are we left ,instead, with decisions made by the pipe-liner bean counters ?
Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)
North Vancouver, BC…6049864657


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