There are smarter ways to export this without the proposed  7 fold increase of diluted bitumen (dilbit)tankers cruising our busy Vancouver B.C. harbour , and the island bound ,Canada/US shared ,Salish Sea  .

Canada too has a history of standing against disrespectful behavior of industry…our infamous War in the Woods episode , (Clayoquot sound near Tofino to oppose the clearcutting of an old growth forest) …………might be seen ,again, if TMEP proceed with this ill-conceived pipeline project.


Washington State has produced a comprehensive risk assessment study about shipping, in of our shared Salish Sea …and they are not happy…

Canada could export dilbit through one pipeline that loads tankers in an area far from busy ,environmentally, less risk-prone route…near Port Simpson BC…that offers tankers access to the open Pacific and  likely greatly lessens the probability of an diluted bitumen spill in Canadian/US busy ,island-bound waters…but, let independent risk assessment science be done ,first !

Our government , has chosen to ignore BC public outcry against the TMEP as proposed…

Maybe our Washington State neighbours could call our BC Premier Clark Prime Minster ..or ask President Trump to call neighbour  Prime Minister  Trudeau   and work out a more mutually acceptable deal…and forgo potential of another  Standing Rock Sioux situation or War in the Woods like incident.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657

North Vancouver ,BC


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