Is TMEP risky…governments do not care ?

Recall that PM Trudeau said he’d ‘do the science’ before deciding…… however we’ve seen  no attempt to include  independent risk assessment science that supported the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)..?

The public remains concerned about the increased risk potential  from the 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in Burrard Inlet and the island-bound international Salish Sea…


“TMEP submits that …..there are no environmental or social impacts that cannot be mitigated,”   …..while our Washington State neighbours risk study concluded…..” there is no guarantee that risk increases due to traffic increases can be fully mitigated”(our NEB did not review this Washington report ??)


The BC public deserved to be told where the less risky routes were located…our government instead went with the TMEP risk study, unchallenged  !

Canada requires the revenue generated from raw material export…desperately ! So ,do export…!

Build  a ‘community acceptable’ plan ,as PM Trudeau  rightly counselled !…

Why not just one pipeline ,that terminates at a location that allows larger tankers direct access to the Pacific ,say near Port Simpson..…and does not require dilbit laden tankers to travel our busy, environmentally sensitive waters  … !

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