The PM told us that science would help government to decide…and communities must agree (give permission) for pipe-liner  plans ??

Our  government then decides  the exact opposite …no expert, independent, science…and no community ‘permission’ ?


Mr. PM , please fly the BC coast and let some of your stable of scientists show you the least risky tanker marine routing…to export Alberta bitumen…Recall your Minister’s (Kirsty Duncan) comment when announcing the plan to appoint a Chief Science Advisor…”This… is a historic moment… because science …is also the foundation of sound decision making within government.”… Our  PM could  act accordingly…or must we await the courts and the public’ response …??

Build one smarter pipeline to a port location near Port Simpson and send larger tankers to the open Pacific…thereby  lessening the probability of a dilbit spill from loaded tanker…in our busy harbour and island laden Salish Sea …

….before it’s too late !


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