Yes ,the Federal Government has the ‘power’ approve the TMEP…in the National Interest…so long as they remain in power, and the public do not become too unruly   …and the project remains profitable…


  1. Will the ‘newly concocted’ BC government be able to de-rail this ill-conceived ,much disliked export scheme…?
  2. Southern BC communities have already expressed ‘their concern’ about that inevitable tanker related diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill …in our coastal waters…as noted with recent BC election result…
  3. The courts have yet to be heard from…


  1. Lots of Alberta oil headed to  the US…but so far we do not know what ‘chunk of the profits’ President Trump will demand…potentially further shrinking the revenues for  the Alberta government , oil producers, and Kinder Morgan  !


  1. Yes Canadian want to see the VITAL revenues earned with our resource exports… …so let’s build a smarter pipeline that generates vital revenues…while minimizing the potential for dilbit spills in our busy waters…
  2. Build one ‘smarter ‘ pipeline system from Alberta to a location on the BC coast that offers ‘larger’ tankers  direct access to the open Pacific .. then eliminating any added tankers in our busy  VANCOUVER Harbour , the  International Salish sea…or the island bound Douglas Channel…

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

(604) 986-4657


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