Further to Vancouver Sun ,Derrick Penner story  ,July 27  …’Province seeks ways to fight Kinder Morgan’s pipeline plan”


Yes the PM is on the horns of a dilemma …he appears to agree with the Paris Climate accord…but he recognizes the need for hydrocarbon export revenues for many reasons…

  1. To keep Alberta happy…a greater concern to him  than keeping BC happy !
  2. To maintain  export revenues for his ambitious infrastructure, etc.,  plans…
  3. Because he has ‘the power’ to declare this project in the National Interest…even with a sloppy NEB review that maddened many BC voters..
  4. He feels that he can ride out this pipeline storm politically…but already 2 governments have ‘gone down’(Harper’s and Christy’s) because of BC public dislike of the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)…and governments worry most about the NEXT ELECTION…campaigning will commence in 2 years…risky ,eh ?
  5. BC might be able to rebel significantly and make his government offer a new better option to all the concerned groups…environmentalists, pipeliners, tanker operators, Alberta gov’t ,BC communities and public, and First Nations…
  6. The PM had decided even before the election that he PREFERRED THE TMEP….and as we know the boss’ preferences likely  receive favourable response in Cabinet meetings… BC voters sent Christy to the back bench…these SAME  VOTERS  now have a chance to do the same to a sitting PM….what fun !



The Province’s attempt to kill the TMEP might sound sincere…can they somehow convince the courts and governments to reconsider this goofy TMEP…and agree to a more sensible, community acceptable export plan…doubtful maybe…but we have yet to see how raucous the BC reaction will be…another ‘war in the woods’ scenario might cause all parties to find a  more acceptable pipeline/tanker plan…?

there are ways…ask around .




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