Stop importing  BC wine (and maybe  beer?)…now  Jason  Kenny wants to stop flow of oil/refined products….leaving  BC looking at possibility  $2 gasoline prices …

Or , let BC stop handling Alberta exports AND imports ….!!!

What to do…

…welcome back Mr. Prime Minister….time for you to stop the silliness…and  fix this pipeline/tanker export plan….    that you  created !


….. roll up  sleeves Mr. PM and start mediating(you offered to do this) and maybe  rebuild the party ‘popularity’ standing !


…. don’t forget our Washington State neighbours.…?


…9,000 people …..signed up for a march this Saturday morning in Vancouver, Canada.

… an (EPA funded ) oil spill risk assessment by George Washington University in 2016.  focused on …. expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline…

(predicted) an increased oil spill risk of 68 percent throughout Northern Puget Sound ….

…the study predicted a risk increase of 375 percent….in  prime feeding grounds for endangered killer whales.

Is Canada ready for oil spills? ,(Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington ) answer: “No.”

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