Our government appears to have billions to spare…to build a goofy pipeline that NO COMMUNITY IN southern BC wants.  Our new Fisheries and Oceans Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.MP chose to not listen to his constituents and consequently was rewarded with a cushy new job.!! A couple of Liberal  MPs did speak in support of  constituents who disliked TCM.. Will  their  names on the next election ballot as a Liberal candidates…come Oct 2019 ?

Recall when  our Senate recommended   “government must … restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.”


Recently our government recognized that TMX review process was “flawed” and Government  have now put together a much more “robust “ review/assessment process…clearly spelled out in Omnibus Bill C69. Canadians have an opportunity to apply these more rigorous assessment criteria…!

Saga after saga have developed as government struggled with the ill-conceived TMX pipeline to the extent that the proponent(Kinder Morgan) saw fit to walk away from their much publically challenged proposal ! Eventually Government panicked and bought out the Kinder Morgan project…for billions ! The original Government project review was flawed but the new Omnibus Bill assessment criteria would permit creation of a much less risky plan…particularly as it relates to the TMX  greatly increased tanker traffic in busy, environmentally challenged southern BC waters !

The opportunity to correct this unfortunate TMX plan exists as now the Canadian public own TMX. Should the new owners, Canadians , demand that government “restore legitimacy “with a new study carried out with Government’s own Bill C 69 more robust assessment criteria !

Start NOW and build new safer, larger infrastructure with a new pipeline from Alberta to near Port Simpson where larger tankers could enter the open Pacific without wiggling their way through our busy Salish Sea waters and end up with much closer access to Asia markets.

Yes ,such a plan would require dilbit laden tankers to deliver to Washington ,etc. to US refineries…a reasonable compromise to serve  existing customers while potentially  gaining the intended Enbridge(PNG) Asia markets .

This concept serves Alberta desire to increase exports, jobs ,tax revenues ,etc.   and BC’ desire to reduce potential tanker spill probability !

One more knee jerk task remains for the PM…remove his unfounded northen BC ban on crude oil tankers from travelling northern BC waters…maybe  new Minister (Wilkinson) could help with this chore ?

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