Alberta Premier   not afraid to go it alone…and wants to build a refinery in Alberta !…Alberta will  use its  powers to respond decisively and to the punish Ottawa’s ineptness in dealing with pipelines/export issues  !

Yes ,why not extend the goal and team up with BC and jointly call for bids(by Enbridge and/or Trans Canada Pipelines)  to build a new bigger  pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson thus allowing larger tankers to carry more oil to market and no longer threaten BC southern communities with that goofy Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline scheme resulting in  happier/healthier  whales and at the same time reducing potential for tanker spills in BC busy multibillion dollar visitor business areas in southern BC,

Let the winner operate/purchase  existing  Tran Mountain system  to ensure that products are in sufficient supply without the current price gouging we experience in BC . Subject to review such a plan could meet requirements of recent Federal Court of Appeal order to fix he ill-conceived TMX ?.

Proponents of such a plan should be happier given  pending elections !

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