Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline…demise…   ( Feb 2018)

North Vancouver Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson,  ,  said in February,  at a press conference ….. that  the new environmental assessment process for major projects will be more inclusive and transparent ….. “All of the science will be publicly available”.

Recall when  our Science  Minister explained that  “We need to be basing our decisions ……on facts…..and …. SCIENCE “!


Government civil service has the expertise to provide counsel .…they could have saved everyone  a lot of discomfort had Government  trusted them for their counsel about TMX. Note, that Government  Professional Engineers are bound by a code of ethics …and ” hold paramount the safety …of the public…and environment “ …

Recall your lecture, Mr. PM that” only communities can give permission”. We wanted to believe you then but we’d been fooled before…like the one about “basing decisions …on science”…??


Thankfully the Federal Court of Appeal corrected a Government ‘flawed approval decision’ .It’s now time to apply the science that leads us to a least-risk tanker/pipeline transport plan… and earn those superior Canadian   benefits.


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