• Alberta Premier Jason Kenney…..’gallops’ off to the UK today …where he …. will “underscore the province’s reputation as one of the world’s most stable, secure and environmentally responsible energy suppliers.” Don’t forget to cozy up to the Ukrainian President and “offer a stable and secure supply”…for their idle refineries . While the world watches as Russia build pipelines, willy nilly across Asia and Europe, as though was no need to be concerned about the pending Climate created ‘end of civilization’ .O yah, there is a need to build a pipeline to tide water which could happen soon if Premier Kenny arranged for ‘gas pump’ prices were to suddenly become more reasonable…what say Jason ? Forget about TMX, as the court will have no option but to ,again, kill that goofy plan….and direct the parties to find a new less risky pipeline and tanker routes to a new terminal near Port Simpson, BC.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)
(604) 986-4657

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