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MP Wilkinson said (at Feb 8 press conference in Victoria) the new environmental assessment (Impact Assessment Act) process for major projects will  no longer depend entirely on proponents’, scientific data.  Ottawa will pay to bring in external scientific experts and  will consider a broader range of potential impacts…… and “seek to obtain consent” from Indigenous groups.  He added, “In our view that doesn’t constitute a veto.”

Premier Horgan : Ottawa “a couple of years late” in coming up with the changes.


Risk assessments are a requirement for major infrastructure to protect the interests of the investors(owners) AND the public. Recall,  Canadians  are  new owners of TMX !



The challenge is to   minimize the probability of a tanker spill ,by reducing, to the minimum, tanker traffic in our busy waters… So far ,Government has NOT looked for the least risk pipeline/ terminal location and  tanker routing !

Let IAA help us to locate the least risk option  ??