Approval of  diluted bitumen (dilbit) export plan  backfired on PM Harper and Premier Christy Clark…As proposed ,dilbit laden tankers must travel  BC environmentally sensitive waters and related, lucrative, multibillion dollar ‘visitor’ related job creating industries ..

Recently, our Science  Minister explained that  “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts…..and on SCIENCE !

Recall Mr. PM that YOU  once promised to use science when deciding…has your Minister misspoken ?

Meanwhile the NEB accepted carte blanc the Kinder Morgan ‘ risk assessment data…and ,in the public interest, the NEB  were never shown an independent risk assessment !

OK Premier Designate…here’s your chance to create win-win project …and make  Premier Notley.PM Trudeau, and BC community leaders all smile as they see a common sense ,publically acceptable dilbit export plan evolves,as dilbit laden tankers are removed from BC busy, environmentally sensitive waters…

The public recognizes that a sensible ,minimum risk designed pipeline and tanker routing plan will be necessary for some time yet…or do you have some relatively short term alternative plan for fulfilling  BC’ industry and public immediate energy needs…Maybe  ask Mr. Weaver to explain …?