The BC public , intuitively, fear that  the  planned significant,increase in bitumen tanker traffic IN OUR BUSY WATERS , will result in that   inevitable, bitumen spill ,and cause great  damage to our    MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR tourist   businesses.
..NO ONE  has convinced them that their fears are unfounded !
We wait ,skeptically,for Mr. Harper’s ‘world class’  bitumen containment and recovery system for ocean bitumen spills …!
In the meantime, we must find a publically  acceptable method of shipping bitumen to world markets. 
 Canada relies heavily on resources exports to support our standard of living.
So now what ; select the best ,though imperfect, solution.  There is an  doable option !
First, minimize the potential/consequences  for ocean  bitumen spill locating ‘shipping’ where there is a significant ,statistically reduced chance of a spill incident..not in BURRARD INLET,not the SALISH SEA ,not DOUGLAS CHANNEL ! Instead combine the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan operations and build a pipelines system,possibly in a pipelines corridor , from Alberta to a relatively  remote sea terminal location .Port Simpson or vicinity..which provides wide open ocean access to world markets..