Let’s create an NEB with bigger teeth…more of a tribunal, created to  fully  consider, public concerns .

We have the opportunity to adjust our pipeline plans to minimize the probability of a major dilbit spill…but so long as our so called reps hide behind the PM’ skirts ..instead of standing up for their electorate ,BC is left with a pipeline scheme with  relatively greater probability of  a dilbit spill…unnecessarily !

Premier Christy Clark would be wise stand up to the PM and say ‘no’ to the Kinder Morgan  scheme…and press him to consider just one smart pipeline from Alberta to much less risky terminal ,north of Prince Rupert . Alternatively Premier , you can forget about  forming a government ,as the Burrard Inlet  and other  southern BC communities might decide try the ‘other team’…as they did when PM Harper ’ignored’ us !

Some might suggest the George Bush ,SOX Act, language be incorporated into the NEB Act..… where penalties range from $ 1 million to $5 million and 10 to 20 years in jail…OR BOTH !!

With this costly ‘accountability’ language facing the CEO ,who would be required to ‘sign off ’ ,we’d expect more attention would be directed to training, testing and replacing more of the 50-60+ year old pipelines that traverse our lands and waters.