Figure it out–already !

see and be sure to watch Rachel Maddow video on Kinder Morgan: are oil spills good …even funnier than some of Enbridge’ claims…

President ,Ian Anderson has issued a statement saying ‘spills are not part of the economic benefits of the project and no spill is acceptable, anywhere, any time, for any reason.’

Poor Ian..but we can agree with him that ‘no spill’ is acceptable yet both pipeline proponents(Enbridge and Kinder Morgan) claim to have a workable bitumen clean up and spill recovery infrastructure in place—even when a bitumen tanker gets hung up on a reef ,during a howling gale ,at night ,during tide change…right ?
Most,non-executives,understand that a spill ‘will happen’,tomorrow—or 500 years from now…—SO the only sensible THING that can be done is to minimize the probability and consequences of bitumen spills in ;national harbours;narrow island bound channels;very busy,narrow, island passes such as Boundary Pass and Haro Strait—while we have THAT opportunity-like NOW !.There’s no urgency to build these pipelines in DUMB locations when there is a very simple alternative !!
Here’s HOW ! Create one joint venture pipeline operation from Alberta to some common sense ,RELATIVELY OPEN OCEAN LOCATION, that offers BC public MININIMUM CONCERNS about bitumen spills in our waters—and U.S. waters ! All Alberta wants to do is EXPORT BITUMEN to world markets. I understand that they have lots.
A relatively open ocean port location exists in the Port Simpson area—lots of others locating there !
So come on wannabe pipeliners , figure it out ALREADY !…And leaders-LEAD, please –before it’s TOO LATE !!