Government  created The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices …to help meet   its carbon emissions goal  ?

Meanwhile 3 provinces  decided to act and  plan to install the Small Modular Reactors(SMR)… see

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories



President Trump  declared Tuesday that he’s “a very big believer in the environment ..” ….and earlier this month told reporters he  announced the United States will join the “One Trillion Trees Initiative” launched at the World Economic Forum as world leaders seek to combat climate change. Never ceases to amaze how a politicians mind ‘sharpens’ as election dates get  closer.




ITER ,an idea launched in 1985   is building a $35 BILLION DOLLAR  prototype fusion plant in France…

Thousands of engineers and scientists, from 35 nations are  involved .The US contributed $100 million. This is a big deal.

Mr. Prime Minister ,why is Canada   not participating.

The UN sponsored IPCC insists that use of fossil fuels(FF) is the primary cause of the climate change disasters .The IPCC supporters , claim to have  measured the impact of carbon dioxide …OK.


Our challenge  therefore is  to reduce production   of carbon dioxide ….and measure the impact, starting NOW!