The National Energy Board (NEB) exists to evaluate the proponents material and make final recommendations  to Cabinet..for decision..  “…in the Canadian public interest…”. By considering all the evidence that is presented …’..

What happens if the public AND GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS are told  that they CANNOT present their concerns..or cross-examine the proponents experts ?! .The Kinder Morgan twinning PROJECT included several issues..but some contentious   issues were not within the scope of PROJECT ,such as shipping and oil spills handling .. leaving an angry BC public !!

Traditionally ,Boards such as the NEB.. if allowed to do their job openly and without political interference will eventually present a reasonable,though imperfect, recommendation to Cabinet..Because of the political interference the public  rebelled…as they did October 19,2015 !

However,PM Trudeau has already told the press that he favours the KM proposal..without having seen,the  now ‘loved’ SCIENTISTS input.. !Possibly a hasty decision…which should be re-evaluated..and permitting the newly mandated NEB to make a more science based recommendation …that offers the MINIMUM RISK  to our busy,economically rich environmentally related businesses …