Our electorate chose a new government that promises to  ‘listen and use science’…

and I hope  will  remove  large bitumen laden tankers ,from  travelling  through some of our busiest ,environmentally sensitive ,multi-billion dollar business generating waters..?


In a recent correspondence with The Honourable Jim Carr,Minister of Transport,(May 17,’16,), I’m told…”the Government… has developed a transition strategy…that ensure that decisions about  …  projects under review…(be) based on science and facts”.


In the absence of knowing now .. let’s  make a common sense decision to  minimize the probability of a tanker bitumen spill….by  locating the bitumen tanker loading terminal and shipping routes where a bitumen spill  is least probable— by

choosing  a relatively   open-ocean location…..surely  NOT   Douglas Channel,, Burrard Inlet…or the international Salish Sea  !

We look forward to this common sense approach…and then we get on with building, one common sense  pipeline from Alberta to BC coast ..