Two freighters collided in English Bay—on a clear night and spilled a relative thimble-full of fuel oil onto our beaches..You’ll note the ‘early’  oil containment and recovery technology…of course Kinder Morgan (and Enbridge) don’t really care—recall , they’ve told us that they are not responsible for the shipping !! Also we still await the ‘world class oil recovery technology’ promised by Ottawa—one that could deal with containment and recovery of bitumen spilled –in typical ocean conditions!—You know—at night,during tide change,in some distant location,during a howling gale ..while bitumen laden tanker is “hung up’ on a reef in some  narrow channel—that’s when ‘stuff’ happens.!

As  local marine traffic increases by orders of magnitude we can expect another spill at any time..

There is a simple way to drastically reduce the probability of bitumen ocean spills—move all Bitumen tanker traffic out of  the busy  ,island bound waters—

Yes ,leave Burrard Inlet,the busy Salish Sea,Douglas Channel and tricky exit channels—Have Mr. Harper ,in the Canadian public interest,instruct NEB to order Enbridge and Kinder Morgan change routing ,and  build one combined pipeline system,from Alberta to a shipping terminal in Port Simpson—which provides open access to world markets, for Alberta bitumen..

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)