One day,a serious ocean bitumen spill will ‘happen’  !  Why..because someone was not  attending to duty,was not adequately trained,,was showing off,is a member of  fanatical religious or political group, is over/under medicated,has booze/narcotics  problems,is distraught/angry,is overstressed,,etc. ,etc.—
The only known solution is to minimize the probability and consequences ,of a bitumen spill …  to keep large tankers out of our busy,environmentally sensitive waters..namely ; Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet,Salish Sea. 
Doable—today !
Recent headlines will confirm that our most sophisticated transportation devices will fail us….planes,trains,ships, pipelines,etc…
So what to do,,? Ensure that corporations are STRUCTURED to continually be made aware of public safety issues… ..Include,on the Board  a  Corporate Technical Officer (CTO)who is responsible to counsel the Board with latest internationally acceptable facilities and practices…and for the Board to be accountable to  review ,decide,and approve action…Still there would be no guarantees—but board decisions that include such due diligence would minimize public incidents..and ,likely ,corporate liability ? 
At the outset, applicants for oil transport infrastructure projects must demonstrate their competence and show an organizational structure that includes world class leaders and embodies a ,corporate-wide culture of safety..
As for that ‘world class bitumen handling device promised by Mr. Harper..many doubt we’ll ever see such contraption !