With some ‘long required’   planning ,  Canada  could see a win-win  petroleum(including bitumen) and infrastructure export plan….

We’ve  seen several wiggly lines drawn across BC with plans for various  pipelines proposals..‘Now’ might be a good time to bring together our best industry,government,special interest groups  to develop  guidelines/draft legislation that directs how and where infrastructure should be placed … to assist the planners,and the public to better understand where and how is the best way to build these vital facilities.,while considering all the things that public a cares about—jobs, cost, environment, safety

Energy,transportation corridors exist….and make sense .Here we have an opportunity to see some leadership to ‘smooth the way for future complex infrastructure systems’ ‘industry’ the opportunity to reduce cost of construction and operations ..

Maybe start in BC by bringing together, the ‘iffy’ Enbridge Northern Gateway plan and the KM bitumen export needs—possibly others –why not ?