The  bitumen export PROJECT includes several infrastucture issues which will not be ‘covered’ by the ‘Harper rejigged’ NEB.  ‘The  majority of Southern BC public, and local governments ,cannot offer, to the NEB,their reasoned concerns about this ill-conceived marine/tanker component of this PROJECT …and the missing independently,scientifically developed, ‘world class’ BITUMEN containment and recovery system-  so glibly promised by Mr. Harper !!

There still is time  for Mr. Harper and his new ‘hot shot’ Aussie strategist to develop a more publically acceptable bitumen export plan for the BC electorate to consider ..before the election ? A plan that  avoids the need to send those unwelcome  bitumen- laden tankers through our most precious ,environmentally sensitive waters, that create multi billions in revenues for the BC tourist and fishing industries ! Of  course the Enbridge, Northern Gateway Project must also be included in any PROJECT  improvement plan !!

It’s time to ‘have a talk’ with your pipeline pals Mr. Harper….to ‘CONVINCE’  them about the need for a new,publically acceptable,  Alberta bitumen export plan..!