Sixty years  ago it made sense to ‘pipe crude oil’ to supply  nearby oil refineries ….
Washington State  has  produced a comprehensive independent,    RISK ANALYSIS about potential shipping incidents in our shared , getting busier  Salish Sea waters…Our BC government has shied away from carrying out a similar independent RISK ANALYSIS  for BC waters…why ?? It’ seems that BC government don’t want to know ,thereby ,in essence, giving Kinder Morgan ‘ their’  tacit  OK  for this ,publically , much feared ,potential ,bitumen spill in our backyard or on our beaches..
 Politicians continue to dither about  BC’ pipelines …  Someone,PLEASE ,figure it out..… build ONE ,jointly-operated PIPELINES system from Alberta ,to a more remote shipping terminal location  that offers  ,open ocean access, to world the market…without threatening the busy,environmentally sensitive waters of Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea….and still earn these vital export revenues for all Canadians …!..
BC  handles a significant portion of Canada’s resource exports..but  BC also must look after one of it’s primary industries…including those  related to our environment and associated multi-billion dollar tourist businesses . BC must  carefully manage ‘how , who and where’ anyone gets access to our land and waters……for all Canadians …and our visitors ..

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)