Trans Canada  have decided ‘not’ build an oil terminal in Quebec because of concern about shipping  interference with the Beluga whales during  calving   ..Our BC wannabe bully pipe liners (Kinder Morgan and Enbridge) would not listen to the BC public outcry about the greatly increased bitumen tanker traffic and potential for bitumen spills in our busy,environmentally sensitive waters…which could impact  multibillions in revenue for BC government and tourist  businesses …Now, that ‘friend’ Stephen Harper has ‘departed’, we should be able to count on our new LISTENING government to HEAR  BC’ concerns ..and get the bitumen delivered to the waiting customers,more safely, ,at world prices,..for the good of the environment and the economy !
Prime Minister Trudeau appears to look  favourably  at  Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning proposal  ! Respectfully, I suggest that a better,doable pipe line option would be to look for a’ low traffic,open ocean, marine route and terminal’…and minimize the potential for bitumen leaks in our environmentally attractive, world class environmental sites, etc….Easily done !