Did  the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)project cause the BC Liberals to pay the ultimate political price  ? The Liberals chose NOT TO LISTEN and lost key southern BC ridings…Now Premier elect Horgan gives fuzzy signals about TMEP…or will he and Weaver ‘figure it out ‘,and pave the way for the next election ,by supporting this economically vital export plan. Harper’s gone(remember him).Must we wait until Oct 2019 for the next ‘victim ‘ …or will PM Trudeau alter  his maddening decision to approve the ill-conceived TMEP ?!

The issue of  concern always has been about that inevitable diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill as tanker traffic is increased 7 fold   …thus  greatly increasing probability of significant adverse impact on our multibillion dollar visitor ,environmentally related,job creating, ‘visitor’ industries !


An  opportunity still exists to earn those vital export revenues ….for all  Canadians …simply by locating the dilbit shipping terminal where departing tankers would have open  access to the Pacific.

Simple as that !