Time for BOLD ACTION !

For now, KINDER MORGAN hide behind the skirts of the NEB hoping that Mr. Harper will declare ,their ill-conceived , twinning scheme to be ‘IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST..’
Alberta needs to export it’s bitumen. The BC public ,protest loudly and they will NOT agree to pipelines and tankers roaming willy nilly about our lands and waters ! Alberta have their Banff,the Stampede and dinosaurs,etc. which they cherish—we have our COAST—don’t mess it up !!

Some suggest…lengthening the NEB babble session…??

Others suggest BOLD ACTION….NOW—as follows;
Where ever POSSIBLE , keep the bitumen laden tankers out of busy harbours/passes ,narrow channels, island bound waters—
Consolidate the two pipeline projects into a ‘jointly operated’ facility —. Locate the bitumen shipping terminal at PORT SIMPSON (not Kitimat—and NOT Burrard Inlet) to provide relatively OPEN ACCESS TO THE PACIFIC and WORLD MARKETS —and ,of most importance,reduce ,to a minimum ,the probability of bitumen spills .Such bold action , hopefully ,would regain BC public support..

The BC electorate ,Alberta and the bitumen customers wait–