No one should be  surprised that the ,maddening ,poorly conceived BC pipeline proposals are receiving so much negative  public response. The proponents have   stubbornly    IGNORED BC’ greatest concern—the potential   threat of ocean bitumen spills in our busiest,environmentally related , multi- billion dollar annual tourist  businesses—including the  BC Great Bear Rain Forest, the ‘home’ of much loved white Kermode Bears… We read that Trans Canada ‘decided’ after much public outcry that they would NOT BUILD A SHIPPING TERMINAL in an area  which  threatened the white Beluga whale calving area.. 
Some may have ‘given up’ on the BC pipelines. Alberta can still to build the equivalent of all 4 pipelines….Energy East,Keystone XL ?,and a combined BC Enbridge/Kinder Morgan pipeline ! These ‘combined’ BC pipelines ,would terminate at Port Simpson,and would  minimize  the potential of bitumen spills   in BC and Washington State  busy ,environmentally sensitive waters…Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet,Salish Sea.
Let the new Alberta leadership show us that all can  benefit.. and ‘get‘ this  TAX revenue generating exports infrastructure built –while  considering BC public concerns !