…as posted in Seattle Times(Letters) today…further to their article today… If Trans Mountain pipeline approved, reroute ship traffic



A solution is to build   a new pipeline from Alberta to a site on the BC north coast that could handle larger tankers while giving   direct access to the Pacific. The Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline , as proposed, has been fumbled for too many years by our ‘pipe dreamer’  Prime Minister and an inept National Energy  Board .Even our Federal Appeal court ruled the government’ first  approval was  flawed and sent the project back to Energy Board  to be reworked while ordering  special  consideration to the impact of the added tankers and the  ineffective communication with First Nations .The second review   is in government hands for  approval. This Court ordered rehash   is deficient in many areas and likely will end back in the Courts which suggests that a new, more publicly acceptable export plan be developed now!

The new larger capacity facility would allow Alberta to ship more bitumen and governments to recover ‘lost’ export revenues ….and many happier BC and Washington State communities….and whales.


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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