Sadly,none of the wannabe ‘Harper slayers’ offered  a ‘better BC pipeline and tanker plan’ to export Alberta bitumen…yet Canada must export it’s resources to support  it’s  economy !
Pipelines and tankers will be here for a while yet ! Harper’s oil pals bullied us ‘to agree to’  a publically  unacceptable bitumen transport plan!
A new government could direct the pipeliners to LISTEN and RESPOND to the BC public’ concerns…by presenting a common sense plan that removes unnecessary bitumen laden tanker traffic in our environmentally sensitive waters and associated multi billion dollar businesses.!
Easily one combined pipelines system, from Alberta to a more open  terminal location north of Prince Rupert…and eliminate any extra bitumen laden tankers from …..Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea .
Let the new gang in Ottawa  ‘bully  the pipeliners’ ..tell THEM ’where to go’ !