Our  Minister of Science  recently claimed    … “We need to be basing our decisions….. on SCIENCE ! …or did the Minister misspeak ??

Fortunately this announced science interest  could give the PM the SOLUTION to this delayed ,vital ,diluted bitumen (dilbit) export plan…Could  the waiting BC and Washington State public interference  cause Kinder Morgan to ‘pack up’ and leave ….causing us to  find another  pipe-liner to assist with export of Alberta dilbit.

As noted in an online report  ‘the NEB … would hold a series of public hearings …to determine the  route..….Could/should  the NEB  force Kinder Morgan to change its route….!  .

Let  the new Chief Science Officer , along with the NEB’ Chief Environmental Officer guide our government through  to an independent, scientific risk assessed  decision and determine where to build our dilbit export infrastructure … based on science—  NO POLITICS !


See Mike Priaro, Calgary Herald  letter for a winning formula,.