OK, Mr. Eliesen  ,you’ve had your say..about  technical/economic issues ….Now let these wannabe pipe liners  and the NEB respond  with substantial counter arguments…… ha! ha!
Because of the ill-prepared,ill-conceived pipeline plans (from Enbridge and Kinder Morgan)  …. we see needless delay and and possible loss of market for Alberta bitumen !).
Should we start right now to plan for NEW,publically acceptable, PIPELINE PLAN ,to transport Alberta bitumen to one shipping terminal—which provides relatively wide open ocean access to world markets-without UNNECESSARILY THREATENING our busy marine waters and environmentally sensitive areas with bitumen spills ?
The KEY INTERESTED PARTIES; the oil producers,the governments , along with talented people like Jim Prentice and Shawn Altleo ,could put together A NEW PROJECT OUTLINE, that includes ONE  PIPELINES SYSTEM from Alberta to a west coast port..Let them choose a competent   pipeline engineering organization to prepare the project outline—after which ,the INTERESTED PARTIES to   decide which  of the heavy weight pipeline operators (Enbridge,Kinder Morgan or Trans Canada ) should be considered to participate in such a venture..
In the Canadian National Interest, this decision rests with you Mr. Harper.