Burnaby tank farm..
Recent media reports suggest  that BC Coast  ‘IS DUE’ for THE BIG ONE –thus the multi-billion dollar upgrading/replacement program of public facilities by BC government’
What  earthquake ‘design standard’ is to be applied ,BY KINDER MORGAN ,for earthquake protection  for NEW and EXISTING ,60 year old pipelines,STORAGE TANKS ,and  CONTAINMENT DEVICES/INFRASTRUCTURE ?
There is much more appealing PIPELINE concept—Let Mr.Harper  instruct NEB to order a route change for both Kinder Morgan and Enbridge pipeline schemes..creating a plan that gets Alberta bitumen to world markets and does not increase bitumen volumes in our the already very busy ocean channels/passes in Salish Sea waters ..
It’s simple,doable plan—let KM and Enbridge build and operate jointly, a combined pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson—which offers relatively wide open ocean access to world markets..and leaves our already very busy waters with no increase volumes of bitumen to threaten our waters.