The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reversed a state regulator’s decision to grant a certificate of need for Calgary-based Enbridge’s proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline …..and requires the environmental impact statement be completed BEFORE …. the certificate is granted……. ??

Like in  BC,   Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  want to BUILD  pipeline systems  that will require  tankers to,NEEDLESSLY,  travel through our  environmentally sensitive ,multi billion dollar revenue  generating coastal waters…without a publically(environmentally) acceptable tanker routing plan !!! .We must insist that our  leaders/regulators  do the sensible thing, and obtain public approval for  routing of the pipelines and bitumen-laden tankers !

Fortuitously, the BC public  have the opportunity to CHOOSE  a leader that will listen and deal with  BC’ concerns…one who is ‘SMART’ enough to learn from this common sense approach taken by this Minnesota court  !?