Protect our waters

How many times do we have to tell the NEB and Enbridge that Douglas Channel … ‘was the dumbest possible location for a BITUMEN tanker route.’.
Now comes along Kinder Morgan (KM),with an even dumber plan, requiring bitumen laden tanker sailings to significantly increase in our busy Vancouver Harbour , the Salish sea , ,Boundary pass and Haro strait…I’d guess that KM has an expert’s (report) explaining potential ‘spill frequency’ for bitumen tankers… The U.S .Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has studied the area ,but EPA was NOT PERMITTED TO APPEAR as an intervener at the upcoming NEB hearings—surely the NEB would WANT TO HEAR about the U.S EPA study….IN THE CANADIAN PUBLIC INTEREST ! Apparently not—?? What could the EPA possibly know ??
Yes there are many complex issues involved….and treating the public like bunch of dumbos with ubiquitous nonsense ads,political maneuvers, has not gone unnoticed and we all await Oct 2015 to see who survives—
The pipeline schemes ,as offered the public, were poorly concocted from the outset. The wannabe pipeliners have created their own problems that they are unwilling to acknowledge or deal with….
Meanwhile let’s solve the problem—now—or must we wait until after the election ??
Here’s a simple plan that deals with most BC concerns– Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to combine forces and build one pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson ,or nearby ,to provide for open ocean access to world markets—and thus better “protect our waters and environmentally sensitive areas—” …and get on with shipping bitumen to the waiting customers !

The 4th Option !


WAIT !—there is a 4th OPTION !
The US seem to like free trade deals– so long as Canada provides materials as required—Is the ‘quid pro quo’ , that Canada should provide a market for US goods (or did I miss something in the fine print ?) ; free trade should work BOTH WAYS,eh ? This Keystone pipeline is no last minute nutty idea ,it’s a long term business trade deal, known about for why the dithering Mr. President ?

No problem,maybe an OPPORTUNITY, for Canada??—the world wants bitumen—Alberta has bitumen –so sell it through the west coast terminal,say at Port Simpson or vicinity..surely we can negotiate a fair ,(even great deal ) ,with the First Nations –and while you’re at it bring the other crazy pipe line schemes into the act..Imagine joint venture of three bitumen pipelines( Enbridge,KM,KXL)—makes sense ??

Such a plan,deals with almost ALL the BC public’ concerns about BITUMEN spills on our COAST –with one smart political/business/strategic decision..serve world markets,the west coast US—and even Gulf States refineries through Panama.If nothing else this idea might prompt Uncle Sam to get off his duff about Keystone XL ? Either way we need to think about combining the two existing pipeline schemes and export from Port Simpson through a two pipe line joint venture !?
Voila ! All major concerns addressed–
1. Minimizes bitumen ocean traffic in southern BC (Burrard Inlet,Gulf Island busy passes;Boundary Pass,Haro Strait,etc.),Salish Sea,Vancouver Island shores,…
2.No BITUMEN in Douglas Channel !!!
3.Alberta and Canada start to gain benefits gained from exports…sooner !
No need for anymore dithering—just ; modify Northern Gateway dumb scheme ;cancel Kinder Morgan maddening twinning proposal ;Canada can make decision quickly if it chooses to ,so GET ON WITH IT leaders—LEAD !

In the canadian Public Interest

The B.C. public remains greatly concerned about complex technical issues ,related to the probability of BITUMEN SPILLS in our waters, .

Our NEB must invite our government experts AND international experts to compare their expertise to the pipeline proponent’s data—before sending recommendations to Cabinet ..

This was NOT done satisfactorily and thus the B.C. public ,understandably ,are not going to let these pipe liners bully their way through the process …while essentially ignoring B.C. public concerns..and then have the pipe liners assume Prime Minister Harper will declare these pipelines to be in the National Interest !

Since there are critical issues not yet resolved— let’s consider a common sense interim solution—to permit Alberta to export it’s bitumen..while minimizing the probability and the frequency of bitumen spills in B.C. Combine Enbridge and Kinder Morgan applications in ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM and export from an open ocean terminal , north of Prince Rupert(maybe Port Simpson)..for bitumen export to world markets…. Recall that ,the now darling of the petroleum industry,the LNG industry, did struggle for decades with their storage and transport issues—so must bitumen prove that their issues are now scientifically resolved the Canadian public interest.