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”On that day, nearly four years ago, our pipeline failed near Marshall, Michigan….”–or did ‘Enbridge’ fail ?

Pipelines don’t fail—people fail pipelines !

From The Detroit News:



No doubt Enbridge includes a CFO in their organization—who provides counsel about CORPPORATE financial matters—


Who ,with direct access to the Board , monitors and and counsels the Board regularly about TECHNICAL operations matters ??  Why not a CTO(Corporate Technical Officer) who ,with key staff, monitors (technical) operating matters locally and  internationally  in related technical fields (Staff and CTO would be members or leaders on various international study groups) –and then keeps the Board advised as new operating and engineering issues become known..A CTO function(or equivalent) should be shown clearly on a Corporate  organization chart !



The idea presented is an attempt to (organizationally) build in SOME BETTER WAY TO ENSURE THAT BOARDS,CONTINUALLY,RECEIVE HIGH CALIBRE COUNSEL to better deal with,in a timely manner, those fuzzy ,challenging real life dilemmas ‘offered’ by  complex technicaloperating systems..