Canada requires mega funds, soon, to  repay the $30 billion dollar vital infrastructure ‘ loan

..and the  yet untold billions, resulting from PM’s signing of Paris Climate agreement ??…etc..

Our EXPORT industries ,generate much of the funds to support Canada’ high standard of living….so export we must.


This  NEB ,KINDER MORGAN  ‘non-approval’,with only`157 ‘CONDITIONS ‘ is a ‘trick’ learned from Stephen Harper … But PM  ,early on,told us that Mr.  Harper’s Enbridge  pipeline “will not happen”…


…Our wannabe pipeliners did  not have a clue about dealing with todays ,well informed,public…..Will the PM’  cute comments ,like

..“governments grant permits, communities grant permission”……give the PM licence to order  ,his preferred’ KM pipeline,to  be built.. . Who in his government would dare to come up with a ‘better’ idea’.. ?

The PM ,after a polite period of ‘analysis’ ,  can annouce the the KM pipeline  is approved…!

The PM tells us   “aboriginal groups do not have a veto over pipeline development”.We’ll see…can the PM withstand the BC  outcries,,or will he ,eventually,look for ‘better’ ,more a publically acceptable bitumen export solution?

BC’ public concerns can be addressed !….We require just one pipeline to transport bitumen to a BC west coast, open-ocean  terminal….well here’s your chance Mr. PM,to use the promised science,..let,independent,experts determine the least probable ‘bitumen spill tanker route’ …and get on with building this dammed pipeline !

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